GLOBSTER   I   2018

Script   Clara Zoe My-Linh von Arnim                             

Photographer   Nina Reichman

Editor   Clara Zoe My-Linh von Arnim                             

Producer Clara Zoe My-Linh von Arnim                          

Sound  Gian Suhner                 

Ariel loves Jolene. Jolene loves Ariel. Even after 180 years the young Siren Ariel loves his girlfriend Jolene like the day they fell in love. This way of constant true loving is typical for Mermaids. Jolene loves Ariel as much as a human can love a siren. But 180 years are a long time and slowly doubts are growing inside her.


"You will find, that there's  a certain grace in having your heart broken" (Lena Dunham) 


„A globster is an unidentified organic mass that washes up on the shoreline of an ocean or other body of water. A globster is distinguished from a normal beached carcass by being hard to identify, at least by initial untrained observers, and by creating controversy as to its identity.“ Wikipedia


I guess there is no topic in literature, music, image, film and every other kind of art, that has been more often us as Inspiration than this powerfull word_ “Love”. How pretentious and boring to claim that “globster” is all about this sense of life. But still we tried. This little 8minute film arrogates itself to tell the viewer a tiny story about love. And Pride. And what happens afterwards.

Internationale Hofer Filmtage
Berliner Kurzfilmabend
Landshuter Kurzfilmtage
Hofer Kulturnacht
48. Lubuskie Filmsommer

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